Finished Projects

Here are several of the projects I have finished already this year.


Squishy Soft Cowl

Chocolate and Roses II from swap

Chocolate and Roses II from swap

Minimalist Cardigan

Minimalist Cardigan

Malya Cowl

Malya Cowl

"Owl Be There" Hat

“Owl Be There” Hat


The Malya Cowl was knit with yarn that was left over from the Minimalist Cardigan, which was a great way to reduce some stash!

2014 Year of Stash Diving

I have designated 2014 as my year of stash diving.  I took an honest look at the amount of yarn that I have and when I discovered that I have bought yarn for 10 sweaters, and at least 30 pair of socks, it’s time to use it up!  So this year I will knit what I’ve bought.

It seems life thought I may need an extra incentive to knit what I’ve bought….on December 31 I lost my job.  So this is the year to use up as much of my stash as possible, and not buy more as I go.

To start this off I chose this ball of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Farmhouse:

str1I am knitting a basic pair of socks with this lovely yarn.  I plan to cast on for 1 of the 10 sweaters I’ve got planned for the year.  If all goes well I should have a nice new wardrobe of sweaters and socks by the end of the year.  :)

Round 2 of Weight Loss

Life sure has a way of slipping by without your realizing how quickly it has passed.  I’ve slacked off on my exercise routine and before I knew it, I stopped working out altogether and gained 14 pounds!

I’ve been making an effort to walk daily, and have become involved with Spark People again.  I’m going to ask Santa for a new treadmill for Christmas, even though he recently expressed his opinion of them as being space hogs.  With winter coming and the hours I work, it’s dark when I’m able to get out for a walk.

In knitting/crocheting news, I have been busy working on afghan squares.  I’ve completed 2 swaps recently and will soon complete the 3rd.  2 of the afghans created through the swaps are intended as gifts.  I hope to have pics to post soon.  I’ve finished a knit pullover hoodie, just have to sew the casing for the drawstring and it will be completely finished.  I also have a crochet sweater pretty much complete with the exception of the button band.  Again, I hope to have pics to post soon.

Recently finished bears

Here are two of my newest creations.



Snow day? I wish

Last night we got just over 6″ of snow. I wish I could stay home and enjoy a snow day, but work I must. :(
Christmas was great! I got to see 2 of the grandkids and am always amazed at how quickly they grow!! Here is little Alexis and his big sister Kelly.


Yes, he is sitting on the door of the dishwasher lol. He’s “helping”. :)

Socks and Docs

Here is a pic of my newest socks knit on one of my newest patterns.

I watch the morning news each day while drinking my coffee. Each day I see previews for certain doctor shows and realize they really like to play off the paranoia of viewers, don’t they?

Ideas and yummy yarn

I have been designing more socks with the intention of listing the patterns for sale on Ravelry.  I’ve got the patterns ready, I’ve just been procrastinating.  I listed my first pattern for sale on Ravelry more than a year ago and guess how many people bought it????  One!  Hey, that’s better than none, so I’m happy.  The question I ask myself is: do I bother listing the others for sale or no?  And if I do, should I list them individually or offer them as an ebook?  Ideas and decisions, that’s what I’ve got in my brain.

One of the BEST sock yarns I’ve discovered is String Theory most especially their Caper Sock yarn!!!  I can’t get over the gorgeous colors and the way that yarn feels!  I have the hardest time choosing which colors to purchase.  I’m knitting one of my new sock patterns in the Caper Sock Skerry.  I can’t tell you enough how wonderfully this yarn knits up!  No, this is not a paid advertisement.  I believe that when you find something of such fine quality you should let others know.  Word of mouth and all that. :)

Okay, back to my morning coffee.  Enjoy your day!


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