A duh moment! :o)

Now, I don’t have them often…or at least I don’t admit to my “duh” moments out loud. But I had one this morning and I admit it. I realized that if I want people to visit my blog I have to put a link to it on my website Heartfelt Creations Crochet. How else will my fans and faithful followers (all two of them lol) know about this blog or about changes I’m making to the website?? DUH!! So I added the link….smart girl. :o)

My 18 year old daughter enlisted with the Marines this week. She’s in the delayed entry program which means she won’t leave for basic training until September. My oldest son is a Marine (he’ll be 23 next month) and ships out to Iraq next week. Oh boy! What’s next??????

I have been crocheting a lot of flower lapel pins lately….they are quite trendy this season. Even my 18 year old daughter wears 2 of the pins I’ve made on her denim jacket. Is it possible that she thinks something I’ve made is “cool”? At any rate, I’ve got a nice sized bouquet of floral pins for Spring, to go with any color I’m wearing. I’ve also been working on a new doily that I’m designing. I haven’t named it as of yet, maybe I can let my loyal readers do that for me?


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