What did we do before computers??

Last week my computer died… warning, no goodbyes, just died. =( The bright side of it dying is that I managed to get a lot of other things done. The downside was how disconnected I felt!

Now I have to ask…what did I do before the internet? It wasn’t that long ago, you’d think I’d remember! All I know is that every time I’d walk by the computer I wanted to strangle it for deserting me!! How could it die?!

But you know what? I survived! I found other things to occupy my time…like finishing both of my projects for GhostStitchers and getting them mailed out 2 weeks early.

Still…..I wonder ~ how did I make it without email all those years? I had 83 unread emails to sort through today, and not one of them were ‘junk mail’! =) 83 emails makes one feel loved. lol


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