Busy hands keep me out of trouble lol

So, this is what I have been working on lately. The rose picture (top) is just over 1/2 done. These are part of a table runner…there are 4 squares each with a different floral design ~ all feature a butterfly. Very pretty. It’s my latest stitching assignment…so no, it’s not for me ~ is it ever? lol The prettiest stuff always seems to be for someone else, no?
For me I just finished a cute little capelet done in a chunky yarn. I made it to match one skirt in particular, though I’ve discovered that it matches another skirt I own even better. Next “for me” project is a knit vest that I really like ~ I’ll use Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Chunky for it.
Then of course I have the various swaps and exchanges to finish up and get out in the mail. Then I’m taking a break from exchanges for awhile to work on some more knit socks. Maybe I’ll attempt holding a knit sock exchange in my knitting group after the first of the year? We’ll see……

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