Feeding The Fiber Fiend – and it’s hungry!!

Oh my, this really is so getting out of control! I seem to be suffering from the worst documented (or not) case of knitting and crocheting fever in all of history! There just don’t seem to be enough days to feed the fiber fiend! Ah, but it is a good thing, no?

I’ve started yet another pair of knit socks, using that ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I scrapped the crochet version….I dislike the look and feel of that sock. I think I’ll stick to knitting them. I knit a Seaman’s Cap for hubby….I found patterns for all kinds of really cool caps and eagerly showed them to him…but alas, he wanted to stick with something plain, knit up in deep green. Ah well……his noggin will be warm anyway. =)

I found this amazing crochet vest over at Crochet Me called the Stash Buster Cardigan Vest and I’ve started it. For the front of the vest I’m using up some leftover wool I bought to make a tote bag. I’m using some leftover WoolEase in black for the back and the hood. It’s an awesome little vest!!! If you click on it’s name you’ll go right to the pattern. Check it out!!! That Chloe Nightingale is one talented young lady!

I found this pattern today ~ Crystal Cove ~ and am going to use up some of that Chenille Sensations I have in my studio…I know I have more than enough of it to make the shawl. Oh and the Chenille is the most beautiful shade of purple, it will make a gloriously gorgeous shawl!!! Oh yeah!!! =)

Fiber junky….who me???? <<giggle>>


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