Almost there!!!

Our grand-daugter Kelly Marie will be baptized this Sunday. Already 3 1/2 months old, can you believe it??!! The dress she will be wearing for the occassion has been knit by Grandma ~ ME! =) Oh and did I fail to mention that it is not finished yet?? Today is Tuesday, she’s being baptized on Sunday and IT’S NOT FINISHED YET!

Have no fear….I only have about 2 inches left on the skirt to do, then it’s an eyelet row followed by the bead row, then binding off. No sweat! Who me, worry? I’ll post the photo ~ complete with baby in it ~ when it is complete….which it WILL be before Sunday!! You can bank on that.

The really good news is that once the dress is finished I can FINALLY start on my cardigan. =) I got the pattern from Knitpicks So adorable!! I chose the color Oregon Coast, which is the color in one of the samples.


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