Thoughts for today

I have just about finished up the Mini Sweater that I found at Glampyre. I’ve finished the body and one sleeve…have one sleeve yet to do then figure out how I want to edge it. I don’t want to do the points, but I might give them a try anyone. I’ve also had my eye on a few of her patterns that I want to buy. She has some really cute ones….like the Easy V-neck Raglan
Once this sweater is done I will be casting on for the Sweet Mary Jane pattern I bought earlier this year from Knitpicks. Here is the link for the yarn, I’m using the color Oregon Coast It’s a bit more challenging pattern, but it’s oh so adorable!! And I just LOVE the yarn.
Okay, now for my decision…..I plan to shut down my free pattern website as soon as I can get all the info that I want off of it. I have been finding my original patterns (photos included) in crochet groups with someone else’s name on them. These people, usually the manager of the group, posts what she calls her newest original design and several times now I have discovered that it’s actually MY design, copied verbatim! I hate a thief! I offer these designs for FREE and some lowlife who couldn’t design a thing has to steal it and try to claim it as her own. She didn’t even have the decency to take her own photo!!! Unfortunately I have noticed a growing trend in this lately, and it’s not just my stuff they are stealing. I suppose I should feel flattered….my designs – as simple as they are – are worth stealing? I’ll post them here slowly but may not leave them on for too long. Maybe do a design-a-month or something? We’ll see…….


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