How to slow down a fast knitter

I am a fast knitter. No, I am not bragging…simply stating a fact. I am a Continental knitter, which is faster and less labor intensive than the English version. (If you’re not sure which is which – check out the info a Fuzzy Galore ) Very useful info, as well as some awesome free patterns there! Check them out!! =)
Anyway, back to the topic at hand…….I am a fast knitter….normally! I can whip out rows and rows of stockinette in the blink of an eye. And how does one down a fast knitter? Here’s how….first, you get this pattern
Sweet Mary Jane then you get this yarn Oregon Coast and you cast on 252 stitches (I’m making a size Large) using your size 6 circs. The first row of knitting took seemed to take forever!!! Okay, maybe not forever, but those tiny little stitches were a bit harder to work with – on the first row anyway. I’ve knit socks before using sock weight, but since socks have dramatically fewer stitches than this sweater does, one round didn’t seem to take so long.
I am determined to make this thing…even if it takes all summer!!! I will keep you posted on my progress. Since I do needlework during the day (my paying job) I have to be content knitting in the evening.


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