Sweet Mary Jane Update

I have finished 2 repeats of the lace pattern and am on the third ~ 2 down & 17 repeats to go. I haven’t worked on it since Saturday.

I have gotten some lessons from Hubby Dearest on how to use his ultra-fine camera. Now we’re working on a way to get the pics from the camera and into this computer. See, here’s the problem…..his computer isn’t hooked up to the internet and this computer doesn’t have one of those disc reader thing-a-ma-bobs. Thought we had solved that….he has the reader from his old computer………this computer isn’t FireWire-enabled. We’re going to be looking into it a little more, there may still be a solution that doesn’t involve spending money we don’t currently have or burning everything to a CD in order to transfer it from the camera to my blog. Sheesh!

Okay, since we haven’t solved that dilemma yet I just scanned the progress, which I suppose will work at least until it’s too large to get a good scan of. (which at the rate I’m knitting this thing should be sometime in the next millenium. lol)


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