My Knitting and Crocheting Bud and Other Stuff

My friend Cindy and I love to get together to knit. Unfortunately, we live about 3 1/2 hours apart. So last year we decided that I would visit her for a few days of knitting, coffee, yarn shopping, chatting, and of course, pouring over new knitting books that we’d each gotten.

I am planning a trip down to see her next Thursday. Wahoo!! I am SO ready to spend some quality knitting (or crocheting) and just catching up. We also have picked out a project to do while I am there. This year we have chosen the crochet version of the Coming Home poncho found at Lion Brand’s website. Last year we each knit a flower washcloth that we found in one of our knitting books (the name of which is escaping me right now) The washcloth was made with cotton chenille and that has got to be the yummiest yarn for a facial cloth! I made mine in a bright green ~ my favorite color. =)

I have also finished my Shrug-a-licious and a practice version of the Coming Home poncho. Pictures coming soon. As soon as I can get Audra (that’s my mannequin) to get her scrawny hiney into the studio. lol I am about 95% done with my stitching assignment ~ a large needlepoint featuring many dragonflies in different colors. Not quite my style, but still very pretty.

For those of you who have been praying for Justin (my Marine son) I spoke to him last week and he is doing well. He says it’s pretty hot there, around 135 degrees. He says to thank everyone for their prayers and support. So, THANK YOU!!! =)


2 thoughts on “My Knitting and Crocheting Bud and Other Stuff

  1. you are so lucky you have a friend to knit & crochet with! all of my pals are too “modern” for this type of stuff! funny though, they always want me to make them stuff…we should start a local needlework group!

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