The good, the bad, and the knitted

My trip to Cindy’s was over before I knew it!! We had a great time together ~ knitting, crocheting, pouring over new pattern books, yarn shopping, going out for Thai food or lunch at Olive Garden (my two absolute favorites!!) Cindy got me this basket as a belated birthday gift. I chose the on the lower right ~ a deep eggplant color. I keep my projects in it (it’s the large basket and is deep enough to hold several projects…trust me, I know lol) and I take it everywhere with me. She also got me 2 balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino (lace weight) If you scroll down about 1/2 way you can see the color I chose ~ Fern Mix. I’m going to make a shawl with it. The store owner gives a copy of her 2 ball shawl pattern with every purchase of that yarn. It’s so pretty! But I must finish a couple other projects first.

Okay, so that was the good, here’s the bad: I just found out today that the store I work at will be closing at the end of the month. I should say that I’ve suspected this was coming….after all, I do work here and I know how slow it’s been. But it’s still sad. And did I mention that I have never lost a job before? I’ve quit, but never been “let go”. My hubby says “downsizing” sounds a bit more positive. Me? Either way I look at it I am out of a job. Sheesh! How’s a girl to pay for her yarn purchases and more Lantern Moon needles?? I have a set of these (in Rosewood) and I absolutely love them!

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the Sweet Mary Jane cardi….I’ll post a picture later. (I’m actually at work right now, shhhhhh) I have finished 16 repeats of the lace pattern ~ only 3 more to go!!!! I’ll also post a pic of the poncho I made while at Cindy’s. I used Homespun in the color Baroque for this one. I think that’s enough ponchos for me at the moment.


One thought on “The good, the bad, and the knitted

  1. Sorry about the job, Tammy! I’m sure you’ll find something soon…retail is one of the only strong industries in this state! Can’t wait to see the cardigan!

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