Tea Swap at C’ville

The mailman brought this lovely package to my door today. =) My partner over at Crochetville sure knows how to spoil a girl! Thanks Denise (Denny)!! Denise made me not one, but two lovely tea cozies. That cute little ladybug you see on the lower left? That’s a chocolate! Denise somehow found out that I love ladybugs (gee, I wonder how that was? wink, wink)

The little crochet teapot in the front is a set of really cool coasters that she bought. But I think the MOST interesting thing is the Wild Huckleberry coffee ~ can’t wait to give that a try. It smells wonderful!!! And of course there are tea bags and some chocolates. Thanks again Denise!! And to make it better ~ the mailman didn’t bring any bills today! How cool is that??


One thought on “Tea Swap at C’ville

  1. I’m so glad you like it all. I have never tried that huckleberry coffee myself yet, but I’ve bought it for a couple people and they said it was good. 🙂

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