Confessions of an addict

Okay, time to come clean….I am an addict. I just can’t pass by a cute pattern without wanting, no absolutely NEEDING to make it. Don’t look at me like that, you know exactly what I mean. lol

Didn’t I just say yesterday that I’m working on reducing my stash??!! So what did I go and do this morning while I was out running errands??? Um, {sheepishly trying to hide some new yarn behind my back} um welllllllll, see it’s like this….I just HAVE to make this gorgeous Lush Lace Pullover from Lion Brand. What could I do? I need to make it, for my good health. It’s the only way to keep the shortness of breath, the palpitations, and the obsessive dreams about yarn at bay! It’s not my fault, really!! It’s a beautiful sweater and I am going to use same color ~ it’s one of my favorite colors of Wool Ease.

Sigh…maybe these companies should refrain from coming out with cute patterns until I get caught up. What a marvelous idea!!!!


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