Honest! I have been busy!

After a brief hiatus I am back to work on the Sweet Mary Jane Cardi. I just finished the left front…with only 17 rows in that section it went fairly quickly. I love the way this project is turning out ~ but I really MUST get a ball winder! I hate having to wind by hand and that is one of the reasons I put this project aside, because I have to wind the last 2 hanks of yarn before I can go much further. (Did you read that Santa? I want a ball winder for Christmas, please!)

I HAVE to get some photos of the other things I have finished. I made the Short ‘n Sweet from the S ‘n B book The Happy Hooker. I made 2 versions ~ the one directly from the pattern for my daughter and I made a longer version with long sleeves for myself. I’ve also finished a very basic knit pullover in fall colors (made from yarn left over from an afghan). AND I’m working on a crochet raglan-style cardigan ~ I’m designing it as I go. I’ve even managed to knit 3 pair of mittens for charity along with matching hats. See??? I have been busy! =)

And I finally hung the patriotic quilt that my son got after he was injured in Iraq. It’s a beautiful piece of work – and if I weren’t so quilt lingo impaired I could tell you what pattern it is. But alas, I am a knitter and crocheter, not a quilter. 😉

Here is a photo of the quilt – sorry for the quality….cell phones don’t take the greatest pictures. The other photo is a close up of the stitching, all done with a patriotic variegated thread, very cool!


2 thoughts on “Honest! I have been busy!

  1. Hi, I was wondering how you were progressing with Sweet Mary Jane? Are you up to the yoke?
    I was hoping you could help, I’m stuck on the pattern!
    After ‘yoke set-up’ in the 1st row, the pattern says
    *K3, p2sso, K3*
    How do you pass 2 slipped stitches over if you haven’t already slipped them??
    Am I being dense?

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hi Niki! I’m not there quite yet, but I found this in the notes at the beginning of the pattern:
    “p2sso = Slip 2 sts knitwise at the same time to the right hand needle. Knit the next stitch. Pass both slipped sts at the same time over the knit st. This is a 2 st decrease.”
    I’m just starting the first sleeve…slow, aren’t I? lol

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