Good morning!


3 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Hi Gwen-its Karli from your group. I found your blog on Matts links! I love it-set up similar to mine. Have a ? for you-How do you set up the “button” links for blogs/links on your left hand column? Ive been trying to figure this out for weeks to update my blog and cant find the answer. If you have suggestions let me know.

    If not, no worries! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


  2. Tammy-

    I am sooooo sorry i called you Gwen-I was confused from your old group I belonged too and Knitting & Crochet. Ooops! I cant keep them all straight!! Hope you understand….

  3. Karli,
    Sorry I haven’t responded in so long. It’s quite okay that you called me Gwen…she’s a talented lady, so I don’t mind. =)
    As far as setting up button links, it’s pretty easy if you learn HTML coding. I’m pretty sure Blogger has a tutorial.

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