My Version of the Short ‘N Sweet Sweater

Not the greatest of photos, is it? Just got a new camera and shall get that thing loaded on my computer so I don’t have to resort to using my cell phone. =)
I took the Short ‘n Sweet pattern from the S ‘n B book and lengthened both the arm and the body of it. I am quite pleased with the way the sweater turned out, with the exception of one thing…..the yarn I chose.
I used Red Heart Plush and let me tell you….what a mistake! Trust me, this yarn will not do well for items that you ever want to wash. The label claims it’s machine washable and dryable. I washed it in cold water on the delicate cycle of my machine and dried it on the low cycle of the dryer just ONCE and it’s pilling and looking not so great. I imagine that if I had washed it on a regular cycle it would have simply fallen apart. I love the way the sweater turned out, just hate the fact that I chose an inferior yarn to make it with.
I am planning to make it again, using a better yarn and I’m going to make it in red. I’ll skip the FP and BP stitches and just work into the stitch, I’ve seen it done by others and it turns out really pretty.

4 thoughts on “My Version of the Short ‘N Sweet Sweater

  1. Thanks Colleen! I do have a sweater stone, just never thought I’d have to use it on a sweater after only 1 wash!

  2. This is so pretty Tammy. I’m sad to hear that it got damaged in the wash. I’m glad I haven’t bought any of that yarn, LOL. What is the full name of the book the pattern is in please?

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