Baby, it’s COLD outside!!

The kiddos will be home today, most schools in the state have cancelled classes because of the temperature. At the moment it’s -7 but according to the weatherman (is that one word or two?) once you factor in the wind chill, it feels more like -22. It was just as bad yesterday, though our school district was one of the FEW who did not cancel school.

Yes, I was one of the parents who complained. I have two kids at the high school and if you aren’t familiar with the type of school my kids go to then you wouldn’t understand. Our high school is actually 3 high schools sharing a very large area and the kids have classes in any one of them, depending on their schedule. Which means that they walk back and forth between them. At most, it’s a ten minute walk from one school to the other, I know because I’ve tried it. And yes, I know this set up sounds weird, but it works….except when the weather is -22! A ten minute walk out there is brutal. Seriously,according to the newspaper, “At least six deaths were reported as of early Tuesday morning.”

The bright side is that I am going to maximize the benefits of having them home today and get some housework done. =) That way I can get back to my charity knitting earlier today and finish up another pair of mittens.

You may (or may not) have read in my post from January 7 that I was working on using up my yarn stash. I’ve reduced it by two skeins….one was a 6 oz and the other an 8 oz. It’s a start, yes? 😉


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