I know ~ it’s been awhile!

I know, I know…it’s been a long while (26 days to be exact) since I last posted. I’ve been pretty busy lately (work, family, laundry, and life) and it seems I just never have the time to do all that I want to get done.

I saw this in the headlines just a few moments ago… San Francisco passes plastic bag ban That could be a tough one for those crocheters who love to crochet using the recycled bags!! I mean, you could always order them, but then that defeats the purpose of recycling, doesn’t it? There are pros and cons to that bill, to be sure. I found a neat blog that has a few patterns using recycled materials ~ My Recycled

Justin was home for a 10 day leave earlier this month. Hard to believe it was 2 weeks ago that he went back to California! Both he and Jessica are scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in September. <>

In knitting and crochet, I’m finishing up the Spiderman-type afghan for my grandson. Only a few rounds left, then I’ll post the pics. I’ve designed a new dishcloth and will be posting the pattern soon. I’ve started this Chunky Cable Handbag and will be working on that this afternoon while I enjoy a little long awaited quiet time. I’m knitting mine in black…the cables look awesome in black!!!

I don’t know if any of you have seen the most recent issue of Family Cirle’s Easy Crochet, but they have some of the cutest top patterns in that issue!

I’m off to work on my handbag!! Enjoy the day~~~~


2 thoughts on “I know ~ it’s been awhile!

  1. Great to hear from you again! I love the Cable purse but you also know I’m no good at knitting. Maybe one of these days. LOL.. Thanks for the recycle bag site. Thats got some really nice patterns. I’ll have to make a few of them. Ok they will go on my list of things to make. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your ghan, your grandson will be so happy to get it!

  2. Thanks Tracey, it’s nice to know I was missed. 😉
    I’m on the last two sections of the afghan…that means I have approximately 12 rounds left to do. I spent several hours yesterday afternoon working on that afghan.

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