Hello out there…..

I know, I know…I’ve REALLY been slacking on posting on my blog. What can I say? The job has me busy, not to mention keeping up with 2 very busy teenagers and one not-quite-as-busy 12 year old.

We’ve decided to down-size on the house, this one is really just too much house for us now. So we’ve been working our tails off (by we I mean hubby and myself) when we are home just trying to get things in order so we can start showing. Sheesh! I’m tired!!

I’m actually looking f0rward to getting a smaller house in a quieter neighborhood. Our next door neighbors are nice enough, but they are….um, how shall I say it?? Rednecks, to put it mildly. Cleanliness doesn’t seem to be high on the list of priorities…they have a LOT of JUNK in their yard. Things like 5 plastic 55 gallon drums, a “play structure” made out of scrap wood, stuff like that.

I’ve worked a great deal in my craft room today. Weeding out what I really don’t need or couldn’t possibly use up in my lifetime. We’re having a yard sale next month…..bye-bye clutter. On the bright side….I’ve lost 8 more pounds AND (drum roll please) my desk is clean!!! Hooray for me!!


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