Oh my, I’m 3!!

I just discovered that on March 9th my blog will be 3 years old! Happy birthday!! Hard to believe how quickly time flies by…I’m sure it has something to do with getting older and all that. Too bad that I pretty much stink at blogging regularly.
Reminder: Daylight savings starts this weekend. I hate losing that hour of sleep!!

I’ve been working on the Sweet Mary Jane cardi. I’m working on the collar, the FINAL PART!!! I even got brave and tried it on last Friday. You see, I’ve spent so much time on this sweater and it is so pretty that I was SURE there was going to be something wrong with it. I managed to convince myself that it wouldn’t fit. So, I attached and extra length of cable (it’s on circs) and tried it on. It fit so beautifully that I thought I might cry. 😉 Next time that nay-saying voice tries to speak up, I think I’ll get out the duct tape.

Justin will be on his way home from Iraq later this month. This is his third (and hopefully, final) deployment. Then there will be Jessica to worry about…she’s due to be deployed this September. It was bad enough having my son sent over there…can’t say how much sleep I’ll get while my little girl is over there. sigh

My mom is coming to Michigan next month. She moved to Florida several years ago and things have not been going well for her. She will stay with us for a short while this summer, but I really can’t see that working out on a long-term basis. I love my mom, but our personalities clash like you wouldn’t believe. We are complete opposites in so many ways. The one thing we do have in common is crochet. I tried to teach her to knit, but she never could catch on. At least there’s crochet…and a few yarn shops that she’s never been to, and I am an incredibly patient person, seriously. It could work. But the minute the chaos starts all bets are off.


2 thoughts on “Oh my, I’m 3!!

  1. OMG, I had no idea I hadn’t read your blog for 9 months. I just caught up. Congrats on your progress on the cardi. I’m sure you can’t wait to have it done.

    Since I last read your blog I’ve changed my MSN group you belonged to back to a TV and entertainment only group, and created a separate one for knitting, crochet, cooking, baking and crafts last July. It’s a lot of work keeping them both going.

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