A Most Enjoyable Week

I had requested 4 days off from work this week ~ two of them with pay. I was also given today off to keep me under hours, so basically it’s been a bit like a vacation. =) I had requested the time off so that I could keep my beautiful little granddaughter Kelly while her parents went out of town. Kelly and I had a blast together all week!! She is quite obsessed with the movie Cars, and let me say that if I never see that movie again ~ that will be fine by me!! Honestly, I think she watched it a dozen times!!! I can do the dialogue word for word, no kidding! lol Mom & Dad picked her up last night and while I do miss her, the house has been blissfully quiet and clean today.

Haven’t done any knitting today….I’ve got a huge assignment from GhostStitchers that I have been working on all day (as well as laundry). I tried to get some stitching done on it during the week while Kelly was here, but with an active 2 year old I’m sure you can imagine how little I got done. 😉

Last week I met Sue (a friend from Ravelry) at Barnes & Noble for some knitting time. It was fun! Sue is really nice and yes, even with all talking we did, we both managed to get some knitting done. She has made the cutest doll, which you can see for yourself on her blog. I was hoping to sneak away for some knitting time this week, but it wasn’t to be.

All in all, it was a great week. It’s back to work tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., I’m working in the cash office until 5. Oh well, break is over. Back to the stitching! 😉


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