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Why Gauge Swatches Are Not A Bad Thing

I had to knit a gauge swatch for a vest I’m planning to knit from The Knitter’s Handy Book Of Patterns by Ann Budd.  I am going to knit the vest in Knitpicks Telemark in black.  (I know it sounds like a lot of dull knitting, but trust me, there will be color at the end of the tunnel)

So I knit my swatch:


Then once I took the measurements and found my number of stitches per inch,  I felted the swatch by hand (no way was I running the washer for a little 4″ square of wool):


Then I did some needle felting on it ~ which I learned at the Michigan Fiber Festival in August, 2008.


It isn’t perfect, but what a cute way to use a swatch!  It makes a perfect coaster for my favorite coffee mug!   And as an added bonus, my son Josh was impressed with the whole needle felting process.  Said it was “pretty cool”….that is quite a compliment coming from an 18 year old! 🙂  And this entire project from swatch to future vest falls under the pact made with Cindy.  It is using yarn from my stash, as well a pattern from one of my many books.  Oh yeah!!!!


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