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I LOVE Productive Knitting Days!

I have had the last two days off from work and have managed to get a lot of knitting done (if not the finishing).  I finished the baby kimono for little Chloe.  Well, that is….except for sewing the arm seams and weaving in the ends.  The Moderne Baby Blanket (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) which is also for Chloe, is coming along nicely.  I have two strips left to do and then the mitered border.  I’ll put some photos up as soon as I do the finishing.

Today I started the little elephant and only have the head and ears left to knit!  I chose that pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  I’m knitting it with a double strand of Knitpicks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn in Grasshopper.  Chloe’s mommy is doing the nursery in a safari theme and the elephant matches the one in the baby’s quilt so perfectly! 🙂  I almost can’t believe how quickly this little cutey has knit up!  I’m planning to make a giraffe to go along with it.  I saw a really cute one on the Lionbrand website that I’ll make.

To date the stash-busting, use books we already have pact with Callie is coming along quite well.  I’ve managed to use up 10 balls of yarn from my stash…not too shabby, eh? 😉


One thought on “I LOVE Productive Knitting Days!

  1. Here you are, we sure have missed you Tammy. I sometimes go blog browsing and I ran across your new blog. I like it 🙂
    Is wordpress better than blogger? I am getting burnt out on blogger.
    I am starting into knit and I was out searching out patterns for socks and ran across your new blog. How is your DD these days? I read the post below and I can just imagine how hard it is for you. My youngest could go but he hasn’t and my oldest wants to go but can’t because of his health. He has bad asthma and he will have a seizure every few years. They just come out of the blue, he never knows when one is going to hit. They can’t find a cause for them. I am just glad he only has one every 5 years or so and not every week like some do.
    Well, I am going to get for now. We miss you hun and look forward to seeing you at TheMania again whenever you can come by for a visit. Let me know how you are sometimes, you have my email addy so just give a yell.
    You take care

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