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Now that was fun!

I found a local knitting group and went to my first meeting tonight.  There were six of us there and it was a most enjoyable evening.   I’m so glad I went!  Though to be honest I almost didn’t….that little voice (the shy one) tried to convince me to turn around and go home.  I’ve all but kicked that shyness out of myself but every now and then it rears its ugly head and tries to get me to chicken out on stuff like that.  I enjoyed myself and will be going next week.  So take that, shy girl!

I finished the little elephant I was knitting for Chloe:


This was a surprisingly quick knit.  I used a doubled strand of Knitpicks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn.  I finished the main part of her afghan and am on the border for the 2nd side.  The shower is the 15th, so not much time left to finish it.  I still need to sew the ribbon (or shall I use a button?) on her baby kimono to totally finish it off.  I hate sewing!


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