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Attention Shoppers!

I work retail in a pretty large store.  Most days it’s not too bad, even with the rude people.  But last night really took the cake!  I would just love to pick up the intercom and make the following announcement:

“Attention shoppers!  I am a department supervisor NOT your maid!  I DO NOT enjoy cleaning up the messes you seem to enjoy leaving in my aisles.  If your kid throws his snacks on the floor, please pick them up!  A little mess gets even larger when people step on it and track it even further, especially when it’s one of those gooey cereal bars.

If you MUST take an item out of its packaging to check it out, could you please, please, please, do it without totally ripping the packaging apart?  And if you do purchase it, why can’t you purchase the one you ripped open?  Do you realize that nobody ever will buy that one?  And instead of throwing it on the floor, just leave it on the shelf.  My associates really love to repackage everything.

And you, in the bathroom!  Flush the toilet when you’re done, and throw the paper towel into the garbage can.  That’s what it’s there for.  (This seems to be an especially bad problem for women, why are our restrooms always the dirtiest?)

Thank you for shopping at _______________ and if you can’t be polite then just please pay for your merchandise, leave, and don’t say any word.”

Anyway, yes retail can be a brutal job…but not always.  I enjoy talking to most of the people, but there have been a few……..

In knitting news, I have been working on socks.  One of my favorite sock patterns is for a basic sock done on 2 circulars.  Yesterday I sat down and designed a baby sock using 2 circulars because I couldn’t find a pattern for one anywhere.  It’s nothing fancy, just a basic sock, so it’s nothing that really isn’t out there already.  It’s a really quick knit, I made it in just a few hours!  I’m going to knit the 2nd sock using the pattern so I can test knit it, then I will post it here to share.  I love baby socks, they’re quick to knit AND since they take very little yarn you can use up leftover sock yarn.


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