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I wanna be a princess!

I figured it out…if I’m a princess then I can spend my days doing the things I love best.  Knitting, spoiling my beautiful grandchildren,  but most definitely NOT going to work!  🙂  To be honest, I do love my job (most days) but it cuts into my knitting and family time WAY too much.   Here is a pic of beautiful little Chloe and her equally beautiful Mommy:

 Chloe and Mommy

And Princess KellyBelly:

grad party1(that’s yours truly in the pink & white and my daughter Jessica)  We were having a “tea party” at the Dora and Friends table by order of her royal highness, Princess KellyBelly.


Here’s the knitting:

The Grrlfriend Bag – knit during the Grrlfriend Weekend with Cindy.


The February Lady Sweater – ready for the sleeves.


The Thorpe Hat – also knit on the Grrlfriend Weekend.  Needs the crochet edging and ties still.

The colors were SO hard to capture in a photo!thorpe


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