Knit Eyelet Charm Bookmark

Eyelet Charm Bookmark

Size 10 crochet cotton
Knitting needles – size 2
Steel Crochet Hook – size 7
Optional – Charm of choice

Cast on 14 stitches.
Knit 3 rows.

Row 4 and all even rows:  K3, p8, k3
Row5:  K5, yo, k2tog, k1, yo, k2tog, k4
Row 7:  K across
Repeat rows 5-8 until desired length (I made 17 eyelet holes), ending with row 7.  Knit 3 rows, bind off leaving last loop on needle.

Transfer last loop on needle to the crochet hook.
Ch 1, sc in same space.  Sc evenly around, working 3 sc in each corner.  Adding charm 1/2 way across last short side.
To add the charm:  sc to half-way point of short side, ch 20, sl st into ring on charm, ch 20 sl st into top of last sc.
Continue to work sc in remainder of short side, join to 1st sc.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Note:  If you don’t want the crochet edging just fasten off after bind off.

(c)2005 Heartfelt Creations, Inc.


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