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Adventures in knitting socks from the toe up

A few months ago I bought the book Socks From The Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson I had tried knitting socks from the toe up before but never got past the heel.  I’d get frustrated, rip out all I had knit, and go back to the top down variety.

Today I decided to actually knit a pattern from a book I’ve bought. 🙂  I’m knitting the Slip Stitch Heel Basic Socks.  I will not allow myself to get frustrated and quit on these.  I’m going to try I will master this the same way I mastered knitting socks with 2 circulars, with perseverance.  Wendy’s patterns seem to be very well written and there is a lot of help available both in the book and in Ravelry.

I’m actually a little further along already, I’ve finished the toe increases and am now knitting the foot part.  I’m knitting with Plymouth Happy Feet in the color 15 (Denim Multi)  Not sure why it’s called denim, with the purple in there.  Nice yarn, though a little splitty.


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