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No Witty Title ;)

Sorry, couldn’t come up with a title this morning.  Yes, it’s quite early, 5:29 a.m. as I start this post.  I love this quiet time of the morning, it’s always been my favorite time of day since I was a young Mom.  Now my kids are all grown and I still find myself relishing this time of morning when the world is so still, so quiet.

The last two days have been pretty productive in knitting.  I’ve been doing the March KAL with KrisKnits and knit my way through the 2nd set of instructions in no time.  I’m already guessing what the picture will be but will be keeping it to myself so as not to spoil the surprise for anyone else.

I’ve also gotten through most of the foot of the toe up sock.  About 1/2″ to go before I start the gusset increases, then to the heel.  THAT’S where I got stuck the last few times I tried – on the heel!  I’m determined to get this right, so I will be checking YouTube tutorials, Ravelry, etc.

I’m also coming along pretty nicely on my Coloring Book Shawl Hubs and I had visited Heritage Spinning & Weaving not long ago while out at his parents’ house.  I fell in love with the shawl ~ they have a beautiful sample on display.  I didn’t buy the pattern then, but couldn’t stop thinking about it!  So, several weeks later we were in the area again and we stopped in so I could buy it.

I’m knitting it with 7 colors of  Knit Picks Palette.  The first part of the shawl is a bit monotonous, stockinette with increases.  It starts at 7 stitches and you work until you get up to 231 stitches.  It’s great tv knitting, or in my case audiobook knitting.

Well, I’m off.  When I went to the Knit Picks website to get the link for Palette I saw that they had some kits on clearance.  Going to see if there’s any that I’ve been wanting.  shhhhhh! Don’t tell hubs.  😉

Edited to add that I did order some yarn.  A Palette Sampler (warm colors) and some of the kettle dyed sock yarn.  I am weak. 🙂  But it was all on sale, so does that count?


One thought on “No Witty Title ;)

  1. sales always count! 😀 can’t wait to see how your Coloring Book Shawl turns out. (oh, and I did a KP order this a.m. too lol)

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