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Monday Morning

Very little knitting done over the past several days.  Our 4 year old granddaughter has been staying with us since last Wednesday while her parents went to Arizona.  They start heading back today, so we can return to our regularly scheduled program.

I have been able to put in a few moments here and there on some of my Christmas knitting.  I’m making this Sock Monkey for my son’s wife.  We both love them and had seen the most adorable sock monkey at Mary Maxim awhile back.  But it was way TOO expensive!  The pattern is free and I’m using some sock yarn from my stash – same brand as the pattern, mine is just a different color.  It’s a relatively quick-knit, provided you don’t have to keep putting it down to go play Polly Pockets with a 4 year old.  😉

I do have to admit that I have really enjoyed having a little one to read to.  Judith Viorst is one my my favorite authors of books for children, besides Dr. Seuss.   A really fun book to read by Judith Viorst is “Super-Completely and Totally The Messiest”.

The shawl is coming along nicely, though again, I haven’t been working on it too much the past few days.  I am almost at the point of changing colors for the first time.  At last count my stitch count per row was at 191, it has to be 231 before I’m done with the boring stockinette stitch panel.  I love knitting with the Palette Yarn, so glad I ordered more! 😀

Next post will have some photo updates.


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