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It’s about time!

I had just figured out how to work hubby’s camera then our pc crashed.  Remember those photos I added last month from our trip to Indiana?  Those 3 are all that are left….everything on the computer was wiped out, don’t you just love it?  So I’ve taken to using my laptop, which does not have a disc reader for my camera.  Then came my DUH moment…..I realized that yes, even my fancy schmancy $3,000 professional camera would have a USB connector on it.  Why hadn’t I thought of that before???  What took me so long?? 😀   But think of it I did and what do you know??  It worked!

Here are some afghans I recently finished:

The blue afghan is the Annie’s Lace afghan, a kit I bought from Mary Maxim.  It was a fun afghan to crochet, even with the pattern errors.  I am actually planning to make a second one to give to my Mom for Christmas.

The floral squares afghan is one I assembled from squares donated to me for Warming Families of SE MI.  The lady who crocheted them did such a beautiful job and I thoroughly enjoyed stitching them together and crocheting the border.  This afghan will be donated and I just know that it wil brighten someone’s day.

Now that I’ve figured out my camera I can spend some time getting pics of the pile of baby items I’ve knit for charity.  We’ve found a crisis center that needs baby items so that’s what I’ve been knitting.


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