Earth and Life

Fighting Smart

This is actually an addendum to my previous post.  I’ve had a few hours to think about it and I have come up with a solution to the eating machine dilemma.  I recently borrowed the cookbook “Frozen Assets How to Cook And Eat For A Month” by Deborah Taylor-Hough from the library.  I will be spending the day today preparing breakfast foods and then freezing them in single serving portions. I also found a few ideas in my two favorite books “Healthy Meals For Less” and “Miserly Moms” both by Jonni McCoy.  I love the Healthy Meals for Less cookbook!  In fact, tonight I’m making Jonni’s Black Bean Burgers for dinner.

So this is a much better solution than me ranting and raving about how much cereal he consumes in a day.  This way he’s 1) eating healthier foods and 2) eating healthier serving sizes.  AND it will be easier on my grocery bill.

See?  It’s all good….I just needed a little time to think about it, that’s all.  Lucky for all of us, he’s up and out the door to catch the bus before I get up.  So my frustration was vented here and he knows nothing about it.  You won’t tell, will you? 😀  Let me maintain that Awesome Mom status a little longer?? 😀


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