Earth and Life

Sometimes it’s like banging your head against the wall

Between my husband and myself, we have 7 kids.  I know, wow!!!  My youngest just finished his freshman year in college, so mine are all grown.  (whew, and we all have our sanity, imagine that 😀 ) We only have hubby’s youngest, a 15 year old boy, left at home.  Hold on….I have a little more background before I get to the point.

Since I left my job in December I have been looking at ways to save us money.  I was stupified by how much we’d  been wasting.  I made some changes in our household and would you believe we cut our electricity bill by 40%?  Turning off the tv and kicking the stepson off the couch helps.  I also use the dryer less since I hang the clothes to dry.

I have also cut our grocery bill by……(wait for it)…..$120 per week!  I’m serious!  We used to spend at least $160 a week on groceries.  Buying way too much junk food or convenience foods.  Now I buy absolutely no convenience foods, I make everything myself.  I buy virtually nothing in cans or boxes.  It’s cheaper and a whole heck of a lot healthier.  Okay, I said I buy virtually nothing in cans or boxes, but I do buy a few things.  Tomatoes, for instance.  Off-season tomatoes are under-ripe, tasteless, and incredibly expensive.  So I buy unsalted tomato products.  I also buy cereal, and that brings me to that point I’ve been slowly making my way toward.

My stepson is a 15 year old eating machine.  I bought 3 boxes of cereal last week Monday, all on sale, and he just finished of the last box today!  (hubby and I rarely eat cereal)  I have harped on him repeatedly about eating something remotely near a normal serving size, to no avail.  This morning, I pulled the three empties out of the recycling bin to total the number of servings…one had 8 (store brand wheat squares), another had 10 (Raisin Bran), and the last had 13 (store brand honey nut cheerios).  So do the math and that gives you about 31 servings!!!  Hubby always says “he’s a growing boy” and after tallying up that number I have to disagree.  Eating 31 servings of cereal in 7 days is not going to work for me.  I have another week before I go grocery shopping, so I guess it’s oatmeal for him until then.  And he hates oatmeal.

And I made homemade bread yesterday….it should have lasted us 2 days.  I got up this morning and 1/2 that loaf was gone!  Hubby enjoyed a slice of it when he got home from work at 8 pm, otherwise the loaf was untouched when we went to bed.  It’s time I put my foot down. I raised 2 boys of my own and I don’t buy the “he’s a growing boy” routine.  He’s not even an active boy, literally just lays around doing as little as possible.  Going through 3 boxes of cereal in a week was acceptable when I had all those kids living at home, but with only one???  Unacceptable.

Trust me, I’m not always this grumpy. 😉  I’m frustrated beyond all belief at the moment.  I have raised this boy for almost 11 years now and I’m tired of his parents making excuses for his behavior and not putting their foot down.


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