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Another Day, Another Project

I was cleaning out my knitting basket (and other various hiding places) and discovered that I had 8 projects on my needles! 8!  Unbelievable!  It seems somebody around here has a severe case of “start-itis”, I have been starting more projects than I’ve been finishing.  Seems that someone has lost a bit of her self-discipline lately.  Even for me 8 projects is a little much (okay, more than a little), so I took some action to clean it up a bit.

One project was intended to be a Christmas present.  Circumstances have changed and giving that present will no longer be necessary, so I frogged it.  One down and 7 to go.  Another was a dishcloth that was about 1/3 the way done…took me about 3 hours and I finished it.  A third project was a baby sweater for charity, all done except for one sleeve.  Finished that one off yesterday.  So now I’m down to 5, one of which I’m hoping to finish today.  It’s an interesting one, and was a special request from my grandson Sam.

And here I had been wondering what had happened to all my extra cables for my Options Interchangeable set.  They were all holding the projects I was working on! 😀 Although I do need to call Knit Picks today, one of my cables is coming unattached from the tip.  I had heard of this happening to others.  Luckily I didn’t drop any stitches when it happened. 😉


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