Earth and Life

The climbing rose that wouldn’t die

We have this unusual square planter thingy in the backyard that seems to have been an extension of the deck.  It’s reasonably large, 5 feet wide by 6 feet long and the top of it is just above my knee.  It was there when we moved in, and right smack dab in the center of it is a climbing rose.

We have lived here for almost 11 years and every summer that rose gets infested with spider mites.  Nothing I had tried on it worked, and believe me when I say that I tried everything.  Each year started out well enough, but before long the infestation was evident and the plant looked horrible.  So I finally got frustrated and dug the whole thing up.  I dug down deep because roses send their roots down deep.  That was 3 years ago and I thought I got it all….but I thought wrong.

Two years later it came back.  Last year I saw that it was growing and rather than dig it up I decided I’d leave it grow.  It didn’t flower last year; never produced a single bud.  But this year it is full of rosebuds!  And so far, no sign of the infestation… we’ll see.  I almost waited too long to get a photo since most of the flowers are fully opened now.


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