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Looking forward to the weekend

Hubby and I leave tomorrow evening for Missouri.  Going to visit my daughter and her two boys.  Another daughter has flown to MO from California, so we’ll get to see her as well.  Road trip!!  I love road trips!!  For me, the best part of a road trip is all the time I get to spend knitting! 🙂  I’m in the process of designing a pair of socks and have already got inspiration for another pair after this one is done.  So I will be spending my time in the vehicle knitting socks, but I’ve also packed a few other projects as back-ups.

I am so glad that the weatherman has been wrong so far about today’s weather!  We were supposed to get thunderstorms, and I had 2 loads of laundry that I wanted to hang out on the line.  It’s almost 6 pm and the sky is still blue and clear, and the laundry is dry, so let the rains come!  I haven’t used the dryer in just over a month, even on rainy days.   We have made a great many changes in order to live more “green”, and using less electricity is one of them.   Yes, we are among those people who don’t have cable, AND we didn’t install a converter to the tv when it went digital, so we don’t have tv, either.  And neither of us miss it….I most especially don’t miss all the annoying commercials.

Back to my sock knitting……..


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