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A Sad Tale

A few nights ago, while driving home from work, my husband witnessed an accident where a man on a motorcycle was struck by an black or dark blue SUV on a freeway in Detroit.  My hubby and several other drivers pulled over to do what good citizens should do…..1) see if they could assist the victim and 2) wait to give their statement to the police.

Everyone stopped….EXCEPT for the idiotic driver of that SUV that hit him in the first place!  It sickens me how little value some people place on the lives of others.  I don’t care what the reasoning is, that man was someone’s child, someone’s significant other, maybe someone’s dad.  You’ll notice that I’m using past tense.  Yes, he died…right there on the shoulder of the freeway.  And the person who hit him?  Well they thought so little of him that they didn’t even bother to stop.   Wonder how they slept that night?  Did they have nightmares about the pain they caused this man and his loved ones?  I hope so.  I firmly believe that at some point we all get what we give, so that SUV driver is going to get his/hers some day.

SUV driver, I know it’s unlikely that you’d ever read this….but if you do, know this….you’re a filthy, selfish waste of human flesh.  You will someday get what you have given, one way or another.

Okay, rant over.


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