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It’s Alive!!!

Okay, I had written earlier about an interesting knitting project I was working on.  My grandson Sam had requested a zombie doll like the one I had made for his dad a few years ago.  But he didn’t want his to be exactly like his dad’s and he wanted his zombie’s clothes to look “beat up”, plus he had to have wounds.  Sheesh, the kid had a list of demands a mile long 🙂  I accommodated as best I could, but I left a few details up to him to take care of.  After seeing the zombie, Sam decided he was too “clean” and should get dirty…..I wanted to get the pics before that happened.  He also plans to put more “blood” on him.  Boys! 😉

Here the zombie is rising from his resting place
Zombies are hard to photograph when they are on the move!
Uh-oh somebody looks hungry!!!

So there you have it.  Another knitted zombie.  It was a fun project, and Sam really liked the tattered clothes and the head wound.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled knitting which includes this:

An original pattern, I've named it Mosaic Textures.

P.S. The zombie doll is based on the Joey Ramone doll pattern from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation.  I used smaller needles than required in order to get a tighter gauge and made separate “pants” so that I could shred them a little.

The orange sock pattern will be offered for free as soon as I’m done proofing it.


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