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Part of the majority?

Here’s my confession: I am overweight.  I’m an American, so I guess that’s really not so surprising, is it?  Seriously!  Take a look around.  We really do live in the Land Of The Overweight.  For instance, my son transferred to a new university and on Thursday we went to orientation.  Hubs and I were in the room for the parents, it was like a large banquet hall full of round tables.  As it happened, I was facing the room and could see just about everyone.  And you know what I noticed?  You got it, most everyone there was overweight.  I’m not kidding, at least 85% of the people in that room were overweight, including me.  I was part of the majority.

Here’s the thing, I’m not the type of person who follows along blindly just because everyone else is doing it.  So how did I let myself become part of the majority like this?  I had already started the Couch to 5K training the week prior, and this experience just affirmed that I needed to work harder.  I joined SparkPeople and have been tracking the foods I eat as well.  I’ve seen a 6 pound loss so far, so that is a great start.  My goal?  To be part of the minority, and to be healthy.

For accountability purposes I will tell you that I started this at 188 pounds.  Yes, that’s right! 188!  I’m ashamed that I let myself go to that extent.  It’s no wonder that my blood pressure was so out of control that I had to be on 2 meds.  The good news is that in just a short time one of my meds has been reduced by 1/2 because my bp was staying too low consistently.

And you know what?  I’m able to complete my 5K training each time.  THAT in itself amazed me.

So that’s my confession.  The reason I chose to blog about this today is to make it known, and in that way I have some more accountability.  I know I have readers, almost 12,000 visitors can’t be wrong.  So now I have to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.  Because one thing you should know about me…..I don’t just speak it, I follow up as well.

To be continued…….


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