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Umm July, where have you gone??

I just realized that we are in the final week of July!  Where has it gone and how did it go so quickly?  It has been a busy month, to be sure.

We have been working on the house a lot.  Just finished the kitchen flooring in the addition and have started painting the dining room.  The upstairs bedroom is almost done, which is a good thing since our daughter and granddaughter have moved back home for a bit.  Sigh, higher food bills, higher electric bill, and girl drama.  Nah, what am I saying?  It’s going to be okay….having that 4 year old granddaughter here is a blast.  She says some of the most hilarious things, and she’s not even trying to be funny when she says them, she’s being serious. (which of course, makes it even funnier)

Just spent the past weekend down in Ohio with my BFF.  We had a great time knitting, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, and yarn shopping.  Believe it or not, I only bought ONE skein of yarn while I was down there!  Yes, you heard that right!  ONE!!!  I got a skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton in a really pale shade of pink.  Just beautiful!  PLUS, here’s the real bonus….I got if for 1/2 price!  Sadly, I’m thinking that the owner will be closing that particular shop soon.  Her inventory was quite low and practically everything in the store was 50% off.

Finished the socks I was designing:

I’m currently finishing up the final touches on the pattern and will be offering it for sale on Ravelry.  I’ve also got another pattern I’m working on.  Fingerless gloves this time, with the most scrumptious of yarns!


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