This Book = waste of trees

After hearing Oprah gush about this book I thought I'd give it a try. Most of the other books she's promoted haven't been too bad, some even very enjoyable. This one? What the heck was she thinking??

There was NOTHING good about this book. Imagine 2 pages of one word sentences, even repeated twice. It's like that throughout the book. No paragraphs, the sentences themselves are the paragraphs. No quotations marks for dialogue. It's basically a bunch of disjointed thoughts all thrown together on a page, with the F-bomb thrown in at least once every 4 words to make it seem more gritty. At times it was like reading something a third grader could have done better (minus the excessive use of expletives).

I've also read the many reliable reports that this book is not as true as it's professed to be. I hate to believe any publishing company – or Oprah, for that matter, wouldn't have looked a little more closely at the facts. But I guess if they think it will sell, that's what matters.

Great idea for a book, could have been better if 1) someone who could actually write had written it and 2) it had been promoted as the fiction that it its.

I'm glad I only borrowed it from the library. I wouldn't have wasted my money on it. And the movie that is supposed to come out? I won't even bother.

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