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No “E” Allowed

On a warm spring day a girl child of a king was walking around a pond. This young lady was known as Iris, who, on this day was almost fully grown. Iris was looking to find a frog who might want to kiss a human though Iris thought it was only rumor about frogs turning into royalty upon kissing a girl.

Iris found a frog, and upon lifting it Iris thought it said “Oh gross! Is this a human wanting to kiss this frog again?! Can a human know how disgusting that is to a frog?”

Sir Frog said to Iris, “Unhand this frog you disgusting human! Don’t put your slimy lips on my frog mouth! I couldn’t stand it! I think I should faint!”

Iris flung poor Sir Frog and ran from the pond, not finding out if planting a kiss on a frog would turn it into royalty.  Sir Frog did obtain a concussion after striking a rock, but is doing all right today.

Moral of the story?  It’s really hard to write a 100 word story without using the letter E, but it can be done.  (I managed 167 words)

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