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More finished gifts

I have been a very busy knitter indeed!  First up are the reversibles.

A cute little turtle:

and when you turn him inside out you get a frog:

Next up is the elephant:

Who transforms into a lion:

These were great fun to knit!  And much easier than they look.  I got the pattern from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson I’ve got several other projects marked in the book to make after my Christmas knitting is done.  I have all 3 of the Itty-Bitty books and love them!  And I hear she has a new book coming out soon, I will definitely be buying that one.  I really love her patterns!

I also knit up this adorable little hand puppet:

I just love these fun to knit projects!  I bought the pattern from Mochimochi Land and it has modifications to make a bird, monkey, or bug.  Anna is a talented designer, I love her patterns!  She also has lots of really cute and unique free patterns.   I’m actually planning to knit several of the puppets for the nursery at our church, they will be a cute addition to the toys for the little ones.  (Though for the nursery I will embroider eyes on just to be safe.)

Well, that’s it for finished items at the moment.  I have finished several picture dishcloths but haven’t gotten photos of them just yet.  I started a really awesome Skull hat for my stepson.  I found the free pattern over at Knit Two Together.  I would link directly to the pattern, but it’s a pdf file.  And since I know that not everyone appreciates being taken directly to a download, I will let you  go check it out, it’s really a nicely done pattern and has gotten great reviews from other knitters over at Ravelry.


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