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Round 2 of Weight Loss

Life sure has a way of slipping by without your realizing how quickly it has passed.  I’ve slacked off on my exercise routine and before I knew it, I stopped working out altogether and gained 14 pounds!

I’ve been making an effort to walk daily, and have become involved with Spark People again.  I’m going to ask Santa for a new treadmill for Christmas, even though he recently expressed his opinion of them as being space hogs.  With winter coming and the hours I work, it’s dark when I’m able to get out for a walk.

In knitting/crocheting news, I have been busy working on afghan squares.  I’ve completed 2 swaps recently and will soon complete the 3rd.  2 of the afghans created through the swaps are intended as gifts.  I hope to have pics to post soon.  I’ve finished a knit pullover hoodie, just have to sew the casing for the drawstring and it will be completely finished.  I also have a crochet sweater pretty much complete with the exception of the button band.  Again, I hope to have pics to post soon.


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