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A year of changes

It has been a very busy year for us.  After 2 1/2 years of renting out our house (with the possibility of the renter buying it), we decided we couldn’t part with it and have moved back.  Needless to say, renters don’t always treat the property very well and there has been a LOT of work to do.  Don’t get me started about how I discovered that her teenage son had nearly burned the house down and how they tried to hide the scorched bedroom door.

I did find the time to work on this year’s Christmas gifts for the family.

Daisy afghan for hubby's mom
Daisy afghan for hubby’s mom
Prism rectangular granny
Prism rectangular granny
Batman x2
Batman x2
Flowers in the Snow afghan for Mom
Flowers in the Snow afghan for Mom
Web afghan for newest grandson
Web afghan for newest grandson

There are other projects that I am currently working on.  Hard to believe that there is LESS THAN 2 MONTHS until Christmas!  I had to ground myself and put my personal projects away so that I can concentrate on finishing the gifts.  Most of the grandkids are getting a book with a character (or characters that I make).   I got the idea here: Children’s Lit ‘n Knit as well as over at Ravelry.


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2014 Year of Stash Diving

I have designated 2014 as my year of stash diving.  I took an honest look at the amount of yarn that I have and when I discovered that I have bought yarn for 10 sweaters, and at least 30 pair of socks, it’s time to use it up!  So this year I will knit what I’ve bought.

It seems life thought I may need an extra incentive to knit what I’ve bought….on December 31 I lost my job.  So this is the year to use up as much of my stash as possible, and not buy more as I go.

To start this off I chose this ball of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Farmhouse:

str1I am knitting a basic pair of socks with this lovely yarn.  I plan to cast on for 1 of the 10 sweaters I’ve got planned for the year.  If all goes well I should have a nice new wardrobe of sweaters and socks by the end of the year.  🙂

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Round 2 of Weight Loss

Life sure has a way of slipping by without your realizing how quickly it has passed.  I’ve slacked off on my exercise routine and before I knew it, I stopped working out altogether and gained 14 pounds!

I’ve been making an effort to walk daily, and have become involved with Spark People again.  I’m going to ask Santa for a new treadmill for Christmas, even though he recently expressed his opinion of them as being space hogs.  With winter coming and the hours I work, it’s dark when I’m able to get out for a walk.

In knitting/crocheting news, I have been busy working on afghan squares.  I’ve completed 2 swaps recently and will soon complete the 3rd.  2 of the afghans created through the swaps are intended as gifts.  I hope to have pics to post soon.  I’ve finished a knit pullover hoodie, just have to sew the casing for the drawstring and it will be completely finished.  I also have a crochet sweater pretty much complete with the exception of the button band.  Again, I hope to have pics to post soon.

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Reached my goal!

As some of you have read before, I’ve been working to lose 50 pounds.  I began on June 19, 2010 and as of last week I reached my goal!  I am incredibly proud of myself….not only because I lost the weight, but because I set a goal and actually saw it through to the end.  Trust me, I had plenty of days when I would get discouraged or my body would be sore from the exercise and I just wanted to quit and go back to the way things were.  I didn’t quit.  But I can’t take all the credit here.  There was a lot of prayer and an awful lot of encouragement and motivation from my husband.

And no, that doesn’t mean that I can relax and take it easy now.   It doesn’t mean that I can eat what I want and how much I want.  I know only too well how easily that path can lead me right back to where I was 7 months ago.  No way do I want to go back there.  I am so DONE being the fat girl!

Knitting?  I’m finishing up a top that I deliberately started knitting last summer in a smaller size.  I tried it on after binding off the main body of it and it is a perfect fit.  Woohoo!  And this cute little reversible doll was knit for my granddaughter Kelly for Christmas:


And if that wasn’t cute enough for you, I knit a Tribble, too:

There's no Trouble with this Tribble

Don’t tell me you don’t know what a Tribble is.  Never fear, my Tribble has been genetically engineered so that it does not reproduce at such an alarming rate.  In fact, a week later and it hasn’t had any new Tribbles!  Yes, I admit it….I am a Trekkie!  I have always had a crush on Spock!  Must be his logical mind, because it sure wasn’t the eyebrows. 🙂

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Woohoo and things learned

Stepped on the scale this morning….I was down another 2 pounds, which brings my total loss to 15 pounds!  It’s funny how emotional you can get over things like that, but when I saw the numbers I started to cry.  I am proud of how hard I’ve worked and it’s really nice to see progress and the positive changes.

Today at Wise Geek I learned about the Dog Days of Summer and what actually started that phrase.  Seems it has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, but with the star Sirius which is part of the constellation Canis Major.  Click on the link to read about it, learn something new today. (if you didn’t already know it)

Then I read about the Top 10 Most Idiotic Parenting Products.  I worked for several years in a major baby store, I can tell you that it never ceased to amaze me how much stupid stuff comes out and how these marketing companies convince new parents that they MUST have all this stuff in order to be good parents.  The only thing we did not sell is the last item on that list….to that all I can say is “gross!!”.  Sometimes people just go too far.  But that’s just my opinion.

No knitting news today, we spent yesterday painting, doing odd jobs around the house, and walking.

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Frustration and a little bit of whining

First the whining.  I’m going to take a moment to whine….just a bit.  I think it’s just sad that my blog has gotten almost 12, 000 hits and not so much as a peep out of the visitors in quite awhile.  The largest majority of visitors come for the free patterns, most especially my baby socks, but rarely give feedback or say something as simple as “thank you”.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m just old-fashioned…living in a day when good manners were more important and were considered a virtue.  I know that when I go to someone’s blog and get a pattern I post a comment thanking them for sharing.  But it seems that in our world today, things don’t work that way anymore.  Ah well, no sense in whining about it.  But don’t think for a moment, that I’m going to give up MY good manners…..even at my age, I’d get in trouble with my Mom. 😉

At the moment I’m a bit frustrated with my body.   To be more precise,  I’m frustrated with the effect that jogging is having on my knees.  I thought that perhaps it would pass, but after 3 1/2 weeks, I am having trouble with stiffness and a dull ache still.   It’s more in the joint on the side of the leg, not the kneecap.  It’s at the the worst on days I run.  I don’t run on consecutive days because that made it worse.   It’s fine WHILE I’m running, no pain or anything, just the rest of the day afterward? Maybe I’m just too old to start running and should find an alternative cardio to replace it with?  Grrrrrr!  And I was feeling so darn proud of how I’d been doing.

I also discovered a fun new obsession…Wii tennis!  Wow!  That game is a blast.  I had to rest my right arm today and not play, because the muscle was too sore.  Wow, who would have thought? 🙂

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Another Day, Another Project

I was cleaning out my knitting basket (and other various hiding places) and discovered that I had 8 projects on my needles! 8!  Unbelievable!  It seems somebody around here has a severe case of “start-itis”, I have been starting more projects than I’ve been finishing.  Seems that someone has lost a bit of her self-discipline lately.  Even for me 8 projects is a little much (okay, more than a little), so I took some action to clean it up a bit.

One project was intended to be a Christmas present.  Circumstances have changed and giving that present will no longer be necessary, so I frogged it.  One down and 7 to go.  Another was a dishcloth that was about 1/3 the way done…took me about 3 hours and I finished it.  A third project was a baby sweater for charity, all done except for one sleeve.  Finished that one off yesterday.  So now I’m down to 5, one of which I’m hoping to finish today.  It’s an interesting one, and was a special request from my grandson Sam.

And here I had been wondering what had happened to all my extra cables for my Options Interchangeable set.  They were all holding the projects I was working on! 😀 Although I do need to call Knit Picks today, one of my cables is coming unattached from the tip.  I had heard of this happening to others.  Luckily I didn’t drop any stitches when it happened. 😉